Continuing the composing team – Spring 2013

As I wrote in a previous blog , we found ourselves with Arbe in an uncomfortable situation. Our only prints left us. So it was clear that my main task now was to get one . Last time I mentioned that I signed up for a few courses. They were following Unity , 3Ds Max and programming language C.

As I gradually acquainted with the course participants, I found that the closest games will be those of Unity . The Cčku I learned some basics , and honestly I do not really understand. Moreover, as I discovered ,Cčko is totally unsuitable for game programming , it’s more of a programming libraries and even more such “low level programming .” I do not understand much , this is just my impression. Certainly there are those who are about to argue with me , but would very soon find out that it ‘s not worth it ’cause I do not know about anything. I’m not really a programmer .

Of course, studying 3Ds Max I picked up considerably more . I learned the basic control software and absolutely the worst , directly catastrophic scenario, I was able to play with our little model . Throughout the course I had to add many hours of tutorials , but never mind. I had learned something. Of course I’m still hoping for the good of all , that I will not have to model 🙂

The knowledge was developed through an interesting unity course. Rather than only what I learned, I also found valuable contacts . Not that I did not learn anything, it would master “teachers” wronged. By the way, one of them was already x times mentioned by a friend from Disney , but the point is that unlike the course 3Ds Max , I’m not doing any home preparation (tutorial etc.).

During the courses , naturally, I still had a lot of ads and asked if there was anyone who would like to cooperate with us . Coincidentally, I heard of a nifty graphic designer , who was with us even if also sporadically working now and then. Is it Martin Soucek. Furthermore, by coincidence , I met a 2D graphic named Papaji , who began on the Art- sketches of monsters in our game . Unfortunately she was not with us for long.

Top models of buildings from Martin, sketches below monster from Papaja

Figure 1 – Top models of buildings from Martin, sketches below monster from Papaja

ABut back to Unity . The major strength of the course was the fact that after the end we went to the pub . Indeed, it is no joke , when the people become familiar and you talk and find that you have a lot in common. Eg . at least half of the participants wanted to make games , which are exactly the ones I was looking for. And this is where I found it. After the last course , as always, we went to the pub where we debated. I dealt mainly with two people. And with Dan and Jerry.

Jerry was a high school IT student and certainly was on it to see his enthusiasm . Enthusiasm is for me an absolute basis . Without it, I think it ‘s impossible. They agreed to listen to me. So I explained the situation and we agreed to cooperate. He could not offer much experience , but concerning the desire to learn, he certainly did not lack . He worked in Unity , which was good for us. How the project developed with Jerry I will tell you next time. But you can perhaps say that we created out first Junior Team.

Furthermore, I recommend to Jerry that we should contact one of his classmates, Ivan, who said playing with graphics . So I immediately contacted him. I looked at his work, and got the result from it . I criticized him slightly and unfortunately thus our collaboration ended . So I’m still not with a graphics member.

The interior of the pub – Ivan

Figure 2 – The interior of the pub – Ivan

This brings me to Dan. Dan was a little older and seasoned : D. He represented the civic association SPAFi , which is an audiovisual company . Exactly what I needed – a lot of graphic designers under one roof. So we agreed that I would stop by his company and he would present his project . It did not take long to set a date for the meeting, and we agreed to my surprise , that we meet in a pub . There were several members of SPAFi there, and they were wondering what I’ll get them. I myself am a bit worried if my GDD project would be sufficient enough for them.

I must say that I had nothing to be afraid of. Almost all responded positively , including Dan, who was very excited. He liked the main idea preparation. I learned that I was far from the first one, as others had come with something similar , but in the competition I clearly excelled . Others had come with ideas, but also with poor drawings of notions they had in their heads. Fortunately, I had everything in a total neat form in the computer and whenever Dan had a question, I was able to find an answer in the GDD . After the meeting I walked away very nicely tuned , ’cause I got to the breaking point in the project.

There was of course still a lot of things that needed to be resolved regarding the operation , as Dan was no longer to be treated like a friend, not just for graphics, but rather as an investor . In addition , when I learned was that has its own mocap facilities , I knew that something big was brewing .

Functional team – June 2013

So here started the cooperation of Arba, SPAFi and me. At this moment there is collaboration throughout the project. In some of these blogs you can find the kind of people from SPAFi involved in our game and what they have contributed. At the same time we would like to introduce working with mocap (at least) from the position as a rookie director. I hope you like my blog and it remains favourable.