Final assembly team

This is the latest blog concerning our team, and this phase has already changed so much. The core team is complete with small changes and variations in the group we have working today. In this blog I will introduce all the members who are actively involved in our project. That’s definitely not saying that in the future we may not accrue more.

Ladislav “Nefarit” Štojdl

As most of you know, it’s me, that’s how I started the project. So I’ll tell you a little about myself and what the project is about.

I finished studying at a few schools that focused on engineering (a large contribution to the design :)). At the end I managed to finish the CTU etc., so that I graduated as an engineer. However, after graduation, I found that it was really not what I wanted to do. What I wanted was the game. So that’s when I started as a game designer.

vlevo součást diplomové práce – přesný model kolébky pro frézku, vpravo model zbrojnice

Figure 0 – my previous work; left part of the thesis – the exact model of router cradle, Armoury right model

Currently for the game DoA I am doing the game design, management, scenario, and all the science behind it, with all the working and whisking to ensure it reaches a successful end. Luckily I have a lot of colleagues helping me to introduce this soon.

Martin “Arbiter” Mikš

Arbiter has been working on the DoA works from the beginning. He’s actually the first person who I added to the project. He already has experience with programming games, especially remodeling (Agricola, Settlers of Catan, Galaxy Trucker …) on the PC version and the creation of AI (in these games he worked with his brother, who it is probably the time for us to also add

Arbova práce

Figure 1 – Arbova work – a remake of board games for PC’s, including the UI. Left Settlers of Catan, Agricola right

Currently working in an unnamed software company as part-time. He graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science and his dream is also, as is mine, the creation of games. He takes the role of Main Programmer as well as being in control of the main mechanics of the game.

Daniel Nezmar – SPAFI

If I had to name it all here, what Dan is and what he can do, I would devote the entire blog to what hehas done. Dan is a person who is acting as a representative of SPAFi (a Society for Computer Animation and Games). He has a lot of mostly non-game projects (videos, audio, clips …).

Danova předchozí práce

Figure 2 – Dan’s previous work – left underwater world, right Wohnout clip for the band – singer in ad

Our co-operation is based on graphics. Dan took the complete graphics game under the wing, so the boss and other graphics designers mentioned in the previous blocks stood up and took notice. He has a history in our base level design, overall animation and he also participates in the mocapping.

Yeve Drovossekova – SPAFI

Yevinino portfolio
Yeve comes from Kazakhstan and has now been in the Czech Republic for some time. She has done a lot of work in graphics. In particular, regarding 2D art and the industry, thus contributing to our project.

Ukázky z Yevininy předchozí práce

Figure 3 – Examples of Yevininy’s previous work

Yeve makes speciality 2D graphics for us, in her distinctive Art – style, without which we could never launch the final game. Most of icons, pictures, cards, spells and skills are only from her.

Tomáš Studnička – SPAFI

Another series of diagrams were obtained from Tomas from o.s. SPAFi. In our project, he was working on animations. Together with him we did all the work and mocapturing actions. These actions can then be further edited to be useful for game models.

Jaroslav “Jerry” Knotek

Jarda is the youngest member of the team. This year just passed, he has finished high school. And he still did a great job. He completely programmed the minigame for us – cubes, which will be playable worldwide throughout DoA.

Jarda is working for us as a Junior Programmer.

Jaroslav Šlajch

I’ve talked about Jarda in previous blocks. Jarda returned back to us after a few months break and come back doing the graphics for our environment. Dan took him under his wing and they worked together especially for texturing and UVW maps. Furthermore, under their wings they created the script for the creation of urban development.

Jardova práce

Jarda’s previous work, left – the models, right – anything from microelectrics

Martin Souček

Martin joined us due to the fact that he found us on the web. He works on the 3D models of buildings in urban development. He also co-operates with Dan, and helps out wherever he is needed.

Martinova předchozí práce

Figure 5 – Martin’s previous work, animation piggies left, to the right locations with the forest

Zdenek Rygl – SPAFI

I also met Zdeněk through Dana and the SPAFi connections. Zdenek’s fencing works in theater are widely known and he also writes scenarios. He helps the DoA to create particular actors for motion capture, correction dialogues and he also helps the pverall scenario.

Zdenek v akci

Figure 6 – Zdenek in action

Marek Kačaljak

Marek initially studied piano at the conservatory, where he studied classical music to jazz music in parallel, as well as composing. As a musician he has undergone many musical genres. His experience of a variety of musical genres, has of course, been applied in the compositions of his own creation. He composed the entire musical score for us for Dungeons Aledorn.

Furthermore, namely there are a few extra people who have helped us along the way: Jakub Ejem (animation, motion capture), Andrew Szönyi (marketing), Jan Triska (assistance with mocap) and Heather Crowther (EN translations).

So now you know the whole team. Now I just keep my fingers crossed, and hope we can endure it until the end.