About mechanics – part two

In todays blog I am going to move away from game development in Team21. I will focus mainly on tools and processes we used in development of DoA, now Aledorn. You will find out how I designed various parts of the game and how will various elements of Aledorn work.

Skills design and balance

In the first video I will explain how skills were were designed and how exactly skills in Aledorn work (or will work). Everything will be explained using one such a skill – Mechanisms. The video is in Czech with English subtitles.

Weapons balance

In this video I will explain how I balanced weapons for the game. Video is a little bit longer, something over 20 minutes and unfortunately is Czech language only for which I do apologize to our English speaking readers. As of now we do not plan to translate it to English.

Level editor

I will be showing our internal level editor and its options. This is still being under development, we are constantly expanding it and adding new features. Its basically an enhancement of Unity engine. Video is in Czech with English subtitles.

Container editor

This video will show how containers will work, their creation, RNG elements within and few other things. Video is available both in Czech and English.

Herbs spawning

Here we will show you links between containers and herbs and their RNG deployment in game world using level editor. Video is only in English.

Triggers & Events

In the last video will show how different zones work, all using out level editor. Video is available in English only.

This blog basically was a collection of all videos about Aledorn we made over years. In next article I am going to return back to situation and progress in Team21.