Progress to date + presentation at GDS

Greetings to all fans of RPGs, Dungeon Crawlers and all players who are fans of the Aledorn project.
I haven’t heard from you in a long time, but that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. Of course that’s not true, the game is still being worked on hard. However, it’s still true that it’s not a priority project that feeds us, but actually just an indie project that is being worked on “in the evenings”.

Now we are working on two things in particular. Quests and various revivals and linking scenes. A lot of scripts need to be assigned to each scene to make everything work as it should. The last thing I remember, for example, was the secret entrance that could be opened from both sides. Because we have an automatic mapping system in the game, the secret entrance needs to look like a wall from each side, and at the same time it needs to be a double-sided object, so that the player can’t easily detect it from the map.

Image - opening the secret entrance

Image – opening the secret entrance

The other issue that needs to be addressed, and is being addressed, are the states of the mechanisms. As it happens, there are a large number of dungeons that have different states. For example, doors (open/closed), levers (up/down). These mechanisms are often accompanied by various timers as well. All of this needs to be saved and counted correctly even when the player leaves the location, which we still find annoying. Because if the player, for example, presses a lever that has a delay and leaves the location in the meantime, the lever has switched, but its purpose hasn’t been fulfilled and thus the whole mechanism is messed up. We have more than enough “fun” like that.

Picture - trap door

Picture – trap door

Another thing we are preparing for you (or already have) is Discord, which we also came up with in our internal communication from Slack. There are several reasons for this, but I guess the main one is that Slack decided not to remember history in the non-commercial free version, which can be a big problem. Discord link:

Aledorn was also presented at the GDS 2022 conference, from which I bring some photos. We had a small booth at the conference where you could play our DEMO. Several dozen visitors also took advantage of this opportunity and we got some well-deserved feedback.

GDS 2022 visitors play Aledorn demo
GDS 2022 visitors play Aledorn demo
GDS 2022 visitors play Aledorn demo

Photo – GDS 2022 visitors play Aledorn demo

Aledorn’s banner

Photo – Aledorn’s banner

Below is a short video of our DEMA playing. In it I come across some bugs, in the course of testing DEMA not only by the community, we have discovered a lot of bugs, which we are working hard to fix.

Video – original playing of Aledorn demo

We also took advantage of the DEMO festival on STEAM, which added a lot of wishlists, for which of course we thank you. This of course adds motivation for us to continue working on the whole project hopefully to a successful goal. Several youtubers also played the demo, links to their stream are listed here.







A little bit of the progressing Level Design. We’ve got a few more locations coming up. The first one mentioned is the area around the Abkor fortress. This is a secondary location that the player is taken to by several side and guild quests. It is a combination of forest, mountains and a small courtyard.

Picture - Surroundings of Abkor's fortress 01

Picture – Surroundings of Abkor’s fortress 01

Picture - Surroundings of Abkor's fortress 02

Picture – Surroundings of Abkor’s fortress 02

Picture - Surroundings of Abkor's fortress 03

Picture – Surroundings of Abkor’s fortress 03

Another location that is very crucial for a lot of quests is the location for random encounters. A location that I’ve been putting off for a long time, especially because of the workload, is the city. This is a few neighborhoods, made mainly for fighting in the city. You can see how it turned out in the screenshots below.

Random event - battlefield city 01

Picture – Random event – battlefield city 01

Picture - Random event - battlefield city 02

Picture – Random event – battlefield city 02

On Monday, November 13, we will have the game included in a special STEAM event. So you can support and follow our project there too. However, we will not show anything new there. Still, there is a trailer and DEMO available for you. Unfortunately, we are not able to update the demo in any way, because the development is ongoing and the DEMO branch is no longer functional.

Personally, I don’t like to get ahead of myself, but I’m really hoping that chapter one will be released sometime next year. In terms of mechanics and content we’re already talking about six months of work, then of course it’s a matter of testing and balancing. That always takes its toll.

Otherwise, the DEMO is still on STEAM and can be played, although I know there are a few bugs in it that can cause the whole game to crash.

Thanks a lot for your support and see you in the next development update.
From the NoEZgames team